Who We Are

Sundoc EU GmbH located in the beautiful German city of Hamburg, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sundoc China.

Bearing the mission for man’s health promotion from Sundoc China, Sundoc EU focuses on benefits and exchange for medical companies in China and Europe, and on service delivery for related parties in both. For counterparts, with registration and sales; For nationals, with European counterparts.

As a local witness for development of Chinese medical market, Sundoc, with over 20 years’ experience, has an intimate knowledge of the field, and Since 2011, it has pursued globally best treatment plans and medicines for Chinese patients, with access to western advanced medical treatment.

As a new linkage of Sundoc China with Europe, Sundoc EU focuses more on services for medicine or facility manufacturers in the two sides. Boasting a top-expertise team working on related rules, registration and application, Sundoc thus is the perfect partner for its peers to enter China and snatch up the premium market.

Fast-growing economy calls for upgrading of China’s medical market, as advanced technologies are harvested from years’ efforts in R&D by many Chineses enterprises, who long for European compeers to share the technologies and products, so that patients there will benefit more but pay less, with burdens on high medical expenses lift. Authorized by medicine manufacturers and facility producers, Sundoc EU is dedicated more to finding match-ups in between.

Sundoc is an enabling bridge for Europe and China in medical treatment, highlighting the very purpose of premium service delivery for improving health.